A Rapid Experiment in Medical Devices Teaches Us a Lot About Innovation

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The Dutch company Elsevier is issuing 48-hour challenges to professionals who can come up with innovative solutions to some of healthcare’s most pressing problems. Their recent case study on developing a product to prevent newborn deaths is an excellent example of why any product development team needs to: Consist of interdisciplinary members that jointly analyze the problem. Continually challenge their own…

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Could Group Dynamics Be Killing Your Awesome Product?

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TABASCO is a boutique practice that empowers leaders to set a solid product and development foundation. We orient you and your team towards the customer, and design your workplace to drive innovation in the marketplace. To set up 30 minutes of pure value with Lindsay, start here. The NYTimes's article Group Study by Charles Duhigg reports findings from Google's Project Aristotle through...
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Ditch the 9-to-5: It’s Hurting Innovation

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Belma McCaffrey over at "Redefining What We Call Work" asked this week "Why isn't the '9 to 5'  serving us anymore?"  Henry Ford and Teddy Roosevelt brought in this 8-hour work day model over a century ago. Before that, in the first phase of industrialization, people were working 10-16 hour shifts. The model broke. Guess what happened when Ford's employees reduced...
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Do your people know what your organization knows?

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I recently wrapped up a project for a Fortune 100 company that collects an incredibly large amount of information through quantitative, qualitative, competitive and market research. There, I observed a problem I've seen too many times before: Companies and teams have difficulty in locating findings from previous research. If they can find it, it's difficult to share it with the people...
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How do you measure customer delight?

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At any point, but hopefully at the beginning, it’s important that a product team sets objective metrics to measure success of a new feature, process, system or entire product offering. When we say KPIs, we think data, analytics, and all sorts of quantitative measures. But when we introduce qualitative goals like “customer delight” into our design thinking process, product teams stop…

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Chat Pack with Marcela Shine: Founder of Scientific.ly

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After the outstanding response for our Chat Pack on Amy Vernon from Predictable.ly, I wanted to sit down with another formidable founder, Marcela Shine of Scientific.ly. I met Marcela for the first time to discuss a refresh on her marketing site, and how she could better convey her company’s mission: To help Brands Product Share of Voice across the Visual Web….

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Ready for Entrepreneurship: “Bad Ideas” May be Worth Your Time

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Let’s assume you have an idea and you’re working on it. People around you are detracting rather than supporting you, or startup costs are eating at your wallet. Before you give up too early, consider the opportunity costs of continuing to work on your idea. If you’re in the beginning stages of product designing, and you’re struggling to overcome hurdles in…

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